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Perfect Product is glad to present Del Monte tinned pineapples at the Ukrainian market.

Since 1892 Del Monte has been a sign of quality, freshness and reliability.

Del Monte is the world leader of high-quality tinned fruits and vegetables production in Europe, Africa and in the Middle East.

Advantages of Del Monte

  1. Del Monte is the world leader of high-quality tinned fruits and vegetables of premium standards.
  2. Del Monte products are made of selected fruits and vegetables, which are grown in the regions with the most appropriate climate.
  3. Del Monte tinned pineapples are produced in the Philippines.
  4. The special protective layer of the tin prevents the metal particles penetration into the product. And it also prevents metal oxidation.
  1. Del Monte uses the unique way for canning, which allows to save the taste and useful components of fresh fruits.
  2. Del Monte carefully controls the production and selects fruits according to the size, color and ripeness.
  3. Del Monte offers ready for consumption products, which are good for deserts and fruit salads.
  4. Del Monte offers only high-quality products.

Our company offers the following products
Del Monte:

Pineapple (chunks) 234 g, 432 g

Pineapple (chunks) 234 g, 432 g

Sliced pineapple (rings) 432 g

Sliced pineapple (rings) 432 g

Sliced pineapple (rings) 836 g

Sliced pineapple (rings) 836 g

Del Monte products are properly packed. For example tinned pineapple chunks, packed for 234 g and 432 g are convenient in preparing salads and desserts. Sliced pineapples (rings), packed for 432g, can be served as a dessert. You can also decorate your dishes with sliced pineapple. Moreover Del Monte offers tinned pineapples in the economical 836 g tin.

If you tried pineapples, you will never forget its flavor and taste. That happened to Christofor Columb, who tried a pineapple in November, 1493. After that pineapples have spread all over the world. A pineapple has an unusual look. Due to this a pineapple received its name. Definitely, a pineapple looks like a cone, but rather big and edible.

Recently frozen pineapples and pineapple chunks in packets were sold. Today we eat raw pineapples, but tinned pineapples (rings and chunks) are famous as well. It is necessary to mention that only ripe pineapples can be used in meal, because caustic juice of unripe pineapples can sting lips and irritate a stomach. So Del Monte uses only ripe pineapples in its manufacture.


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